Every once in a while, we come across a bathroom that is just an oasis of untapped potential. Take a look at how we brought this room to life. Marble accents and Kallista sinks, with a bath reminiscent of ornate and stately Italian fountains... Give your bathroom the attention it deserves, as one of the most stylish rooms in the house!


Feast your eyes on this amazing, contemporary living room. For this renovation, the client came to J. Cashier Interiors in search of a more modern look. We leveraged the abundance of natural light streaming through all of these enormous windows, and created a natural juxtaposition with nature's leafy green peeking through the clean, geometric lines. Warm wood accents tie it all together.


The transformation is officially complete. This renovation breathed some life into a living room, turning it into a cozy, comfy, ready-to-be-lived-in relaxation room. To bring the vision together we topped it off with some pops of natural green and some luxurious throw pillows, and voila!

Step Right up!

And into your favorite book! A staircase bookshelf is a unique and innovative way to utilize wall space that most people have, but often overlook the potential of. It's like an instant, decorative library!

A few key features of this incredible bookshelf are a careful arrangement of color, irregular shelf spacing, and strategic, yet seemingly-unintentional placement of favorite treasures and "I don't know what to do with this" decor!

Live, Laugh, Light!

Do you have one of those living rooms that you can look at but not touch? A family of three came to J. Cashier Interiors with a dilemma: they had a living room that essentially sat unused, simply because they didn't know what to do with the space. Sometimes all you need is a warm glow to maximize comfort and living appeal. With this amazing floor lamp, topped with selenite to really burst those beams, we were able to achieve the cozy vibe this room so needed to be lived in... and loved in!


A bedroom is so much more than a place to sleep. Your bedroom should be your haven; your own personal safe space.

Let's work together to create the bedroom of your dreams. Take this transformation for example and inspiration. Starting with a hands-on consultation, we turned a client's bedroom into the one she had always dreamed of. A bird lover and frequent business traveler, she envisioned a bedroom she could be excited to come home to and unwind in. To achieve this, we used a subtle, soft color palette, Thiabaut wallpaper with a handmade feel, and calm, feminine elements like vintage French lace, soft white wood, and hints of crystal trim.

bathroom renovation

When a bathroom needs a makeover, J. Cashier Interiors is here to help! Sometimes less is more, especially in a small, private area like a bathroom. Together, we can open up and modernize the space, and allow it to achieve its full potential. Check out these photos from a recent JCI bathroom renovation, and then... let's talk about yours!


On the fence about staging your home? Let's talk about why it should be a no-brainer. It's the best way to showcase potential to prospective buyers... It conveys optimal space and function... Statistics show that homes sell faster and higher when they're professionally staged... the list goes on and on. Recently, I've had the opportunity to team up with local real estate gurus like Steven Girvin of Better Homes and Gardens Tech Valley, and Franca DiCrescenzo, Owner of Armida Rose Realty, on some challenging and successful staging projects. I couldn't be more excited to share the results! Let's talk through the details of staging YOUR home, but in a nutshell, it truly is just a sure-fire way to stand out in a sea of other homes. As we say at J. Cashier Interiors, it's all figure-out-able!

kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation with cabinets from builder grade cabinets to custom. Simple back-splash
highlighted with darker grout for contrast and accents of oil rubbed bronze hardware and lighting accents.
To minimize the wall above in dining area I added a 49" clock to add visual interest yet keep with the owners desire to keep things simple.

Troy fresh family focused colonial home renovation

Main entry way, living room and dining room

family room addition

This family was in need of extra lounging space so we created a family room addition.

The finished room has a modern clean line style. The sleek mirror above the fireplace is also a TV!



scenic mural installation

A busy family needed an update of their first floor spaces for fun, dining and a private relaxation space too. My goal was to make one of the rooms a cozy entertaining and cocktail hour space while keeping with the style and setting in the woods.


THe Artistry of Face

is a skin care service business. My goal was to create a serene environment with an enchanting aesthetic. I added a contemporary touch for a calming affect so clients can feel relaxed during their visits.


Kitchen nook renovation

It's amazing what the removal of wallpaper, fresh paint color and lighting can do to update and renovate a space.

A round table is a great way to have comfortable seating and east conversation space.

Staircase update to frank lloyd wright style

Make entrance way stairs more in sync with the style of the house.

hair salon renovation

Newly renovated interiors for Elite Hair and Image Salon in Loudonville.


bachelor pad renovation

A gentleman had a very little furnished living and dining room. I gave life to each room and proved that you can use Target and Pier 1 Imports to create a devilishly handsome space.