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Dazzling, Pure, Celestial, Delicate, Harmonious, Airy, Soulful, Comforting, Alluring, Timeless, Vibrant,Uninhibited, Natural

These words all evoke a color when you say them. Designers have diverse methods to create beautiful spaces. I find that I work best when I am able to envision the color composition first. Spaces speak to me in colors and clients personalities reflect colors as well. The space, natural light, wood tones or position and the room all create thoughts of color. With all the incredible colors in our world you cannot think of blue as just blue or red as simply red. Blue ranges from the palest cup of sea water to the darkest ink blue sky and red can be loud and vibrant or the intriguing soft array of pink-red shades of raspberry or pink grapefruit sorbet. Color sets the mood and the vitality of a space. Do you want calm and serene, cozy rich earth tones or crisp, clean edgy spaces? Anything and everything is possible in design.



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